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And nearby

What can you discover?

Village museum

In the immediate vicinity of our accommodation you can visit the village museum - discovering history in an experiential form that is sure to interest your children (50 m from the accommodation).

Gothic Church of the Sacrifice of the Lord

The oldest preserved building in Smrečany - a jewel among Slovak churches, which was built in 1349 and can be found in the list of national cultural monuments. (30 m from the accommodation).

Swimming in the "buzz"

Do you want to go for a walk? You can walk through the forest park along the Smrečianka stream, bathe in the "hučala" and show up at the educational boards.

A walk to the World War II memorial

If you extend the walk, you will reach the memorial to the victims of the battles of World War II in Háje - Nicov (3.5 km from the accommodation) and enjoy beautiful views of the whole of Liptov, Smrečany or Baranec, which rises above the Žiarska valley.

Multifunctional playgrounds

Not far from the accommodation (150 m) you will find multifunctional playgrounds with artificial grass (tennis, volleyball, football) and with an asphalt surface (hockey, ice skating in winter, in-line hockey, hockey, floorball in summer).

Sports activities

Sports activities allow a number of bike paths, maintained trails for cross-country skiing, low-traffic trails with a good surface on roller skates or a gym (200 m).

What can you experience?

X-Sport complex

Just 2 km below the village Smrečany offers various sports, entertainment and adrenaline activities and attractions (fishing, off-road, paintball ...).

Pottery workshop

If the weather is bad, you can visit a pottery workshop (250m) with the possibility of producing your own products.

Bear's tunnel

In case of bad weather, you can also choose to discover the secrets of the underground to the Bear Tunnel in Žiarská dolina.

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