Turistika Žiarska dolina, Západné Tatry – Roháče – EN


Smrečany is the gateway to the Western Tatras - Roháče through Žiarska dolina.

Accommodation below the Žiarská valley provides lovers of tourism with a starting point from which they can experience tourism not only in the valleys of the Western Tatras – Roháče, but also tourism in the nearby Low and High Tatras or in the Choč Mountains.


Roháče is the most visited part of the Western Tatras by tourists. From Žiarská dolina you can take a hike to Baranec, Ostrý Roháč, Baníkov or Tri kopy, formerly called Smrečské Roháče. It is also interesting that Žiarska dolina was called Smrečinska dolina a few decades ago.

For families with children

An interesting destination for less demanding tourists or families with children is Žiarska chata, which houses Šarafiov waterfall and a symbolic cemetery for the victims of the Western Tatras – Roháče. Below Žiarská dolina you can go on a scooter and on the way to visit the Bear Tunnel.

For experienced tourists

Experienced tourists will certainly appreciate the challenging crossing of the Roháč ridge, which is in the vicinity of the top of Ostrý Roháč and in the section Smutné sedlo – Tri kopy – Baníkov secured by chains, which represents a great challenge for adrenaline lovers and also shows you the Western Tatras – Roháče from a different perspective.

Hiking Žiarska dolina - highest peaks:

– Baranec – 2184 m.n.m.
– Baníkov – 2178 m
– Hrubá kopa- 2166 m
– Príslop – 2142 m
– Tri kopy – 2136 m
– Plačlivô – 2126 m
– Ostrý Roháč – 2088 m

Do you want to try hiking in Žiarská dolina or do you want to conquer one of the Roháče peaks, but you can’t choose a suitable hike? We will be happy to advise you!

Hiking Žiarska dolina - hiking trails:

– Žiarska dolina ústie – Žiarska chata – Smutné sedlo – blue sign
– Žiarska chata – Žiarske sedlo – green sign
– Žiarska chata  – Príslop – Baníkov – green sign 
– Žiarska dolina ústie – Baranec – Plačlivô – yellow sign
– Žiarska dolina – Račkova alebo Jalovecká dolina  – red sign (Tatranská magistrála)
– Baníkov – Hrubá kopa – Tri kopy – Smutné sedlo – Plačlivô– Ostrý Roháč – red sign ( hrebeň Západných Tatier – Roháčov)

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